2013: Somerset Post 181

Name Number Position Stats
Austin Clawson 24 SS View
Austin Stutzman 22 OF View
Brenden Bowser 25 SS View
Bryce Funa 17 3B View
Dustin Coughenour 11 OF View
Eric Costea 27 1B View
Ethan Keefer 19 3B View
Greg Walters 29 OF View
Jeffery Nicholson 18 C View
Marcus Brant 13 OF View
Michael Gross Jr 16 1B View
Ron Davis 30 C View
Tommy Dearmitt Jr 14 OF View
Tyler Drane 20 C View
Zac Cooney 12 2B View

Coaching Staff
Name Number Position
Bart Close   Manager
Dave Walker   Assistant Coach
Bob Christner   Assistant Coach
Mike Sube   Assistant Coach
Randy Close   Assistant Coach


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