2017: Somerset Post 181

Name Number Position Stats
Austin Clawson 21 P View
Avery Heiple 7 P View
Bradley Barndt 4 OF View
Chandler McClucas 6 3B View
Christian Pacifico 42 1B View
Cole Maranowski 16 3B View
Ethan Hunt 19 OF View
Ethan Svonavec 28 P View
Gregory Walters 39 P View
Jake Swauger 18 C View
Jeffery Nicholson 34 C View
Kirk Eberly 22 3B View
Luke Wagner 27 2B View
Michael Barndt 14 1B View
Nash Frazier 29 OF View
Peyton Marteeny 24 3B View
Seth Shaffer 30 C View
T.J. Coughenour 8 SS View

Coaching Staff
Name Number Position


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